Fellowships & Resident Internships


Under the leadership of Dr. Kavesteen, MD, FACC, the internal medicine internship of Heart & Health is committed to providing outstanding training in the field of medicine. Our internship lasts for one month and the intern works, on a revolving basis, at each of our three offices. The educational process focuses on the acquisition of medical knowledge and clinical skills as well as emerging practice patterns.

Interns in internal medicine are immersed in the learning experience from day one. Our practice attempts to motivate each resident intern to embrace a critical and probing scientific attitude along with a deep compassion for the sick. We are continually evolving and strengthening our youth to keep pace with a rapidly expanding body of medical knowledge and technology.

Fellowship Requirements

If you wish to further your field experience past the routine medical residency all physicians must complete, you may qualify for a fellowship at any one of our three offices that will last roughly 3 years. While acting as a fellow, you will be given patients to treat and follow up with. As a fellow, it is deemed that you are capable of acting as an attending (or consulting) physician and will require minimal supervision. You may choose between neurology, cardiology or internal medicine to complete your fellowship in. Once the fellowship has been completed, you will gain the advantage of practicing without any direct supervision by a licensed doctor.