Internship Program

An internship isn’t a job, but a path to success. It’s a step in the direction to the career of your dreams or your passion in life. 

Interns at Heart and Health Medical

At Heart and Health Medical, our internship program is not just a traditional opportunity; it’s a dynamic learning experience with a purpose. We’ve evolved our approach from considering internships as mere community service to a platform for identifying and nurturing potential talents. We believe in investing in the future, which is why we generously share our knowledge and expertise with our interns. We see this as a two-way street where interns gain valuable insights and skills while also contributing to our company’s growth. We actively encourage fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that benefit us all. The only limitation in our internship program is the boundaries of innovation that our interns are willing to push, and we’re here to support and empower them every step of the way. Together, we aim to achieve greatness and expand horizons.

Heart and Health Medical Interns

What To Expect

Training & Development

Community Outreach 

Research Assignments

We accept Interns from the following schools and hospitals:

Heart and Health Educational Foundation

At Heart and Health Medical, our physicians hold a steadfast belief that our patients are an integral part of our extended family. With unwavering dedication, we approach each patient with courtesy and respect, committed to delivering the highest standard of advanced medical care. Our specialization lies in early disease detection and prevention, empowering us to develop tailored treatment plans for every individual, ensuring the best possible medical outcomes. We take immense pride in our customer-centric approach and meticulous attention to detail. Here at Heart and Health Medical, we invest our hearts in the well-being of our patients. Since 2005, we have been proudly serving the communities of Long Island, with multiple locations across Nassau and Suffolk County, as well as a cutting-edge mobile medical unit, to make healthcare accessible to all.

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