Available Internships

Heart & Health holds various internships throughout the year. All of our internships run for a minimum 3-month period. These are unpaid internships that can be used for school credit that help you gain vital experience in your field from our experts. As interns, students have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience as medical, administrative, graphic and web assistants while working through our Hearth & Health internal medicine & cardiology practices.

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Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2014 internship period. We have both marketing and medical internships available. To apply, simply email your resume to: [email protected]

Medical Internship

Typically, student interns are: Pre-Medical, Pre-PA, Pre-Nursing, or any other Pre-Health related field. Previous medical assisting experience, though helpful, is not required. However, students should have some academic background in science, medicine or health-care and have an intent to pursue a career in the medical/ healthcare field.

At successful completion of the internship, a letter of recommendation will be awarded. Each internship runs for 3-months during spring, summer, winter and fall sessions. An interview is required to intern at Heart and Health Medical!

Interns will gain experience with:

  • Taking Blood Pressure
  • EKGs
  • Echo-Cardio Exams
  • Vascular Exams
  • Stress Tests
  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • PVR (Pulse Volume Recording)
  • Metabolism Tests
  • INR Testing
  • Recording Medical Histories
  • Proper Patient Interaction and Evaluation
  • IMS Computer Document System
  • Assisting/Shadowing Physician and Physician Assistant
  • Community Awareness and Volunteer Oppotunities
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Medical Reception

Marketing Internship

Interns in our marketing internships will gain hands on experience in either the Graphic Design or Web Design fields.

For our web-design internship, interns will learn the following:

  • Gain experience working with the WordPress platform
  • Learn the use of SEOs
  • Polish up your skills in some light coding and Adobe software
  • Learn best practices that are the current guidelines of the W3 consortium for web design

For our Graphic Design Internship, you’ll expand your experience in:

  • Packaging designs & logos
  • Design for print advertising
  • Polish up current skills in Adobe software

It is good to have some Adobe software knowledge before you begin with us. Some basic understanding of the different web & design platforms that are available in the market as well as the best time to utilize them.