Heart and Health Medical Intern

Nicole Blattman

Cornell University

Biology & Society, Infectious Disease

Internship Title: Medical Assistant Office Internship

Internship Location & Period: Heart and Health Massapequa, Summer 2022

Internship Hours Completed: 300

Completed Projects: Cardiology, Allergy/Asthma, Primary Care, Research Paper on Heart Infections, Website Consolidation, Spreadsheets, Inventory, Patient Contact, Media Content

About "Nicole Blattman​"

Nicole is an incoming junior at Cornell University, majoring in Biology & Society and minoring in Infectious Disease. She is on the pre-med track, which inspired her to apply for an internship at Heart and Health to gain exposure to the medical environment and gain hands-on experience. She learned so much during her time here between all of the offered specialties that she will take with her as she continues her education. In the future, she plans to take a gap year and then apply to medical school.