Heart and Health Medical Intern

Hayley Dreyer

Binghamton University

Biology, Pre-PA

Internship Title: Medical Assistant Office Internship

Internship Location & Period: Heart and Health Massapequa, Summer 2022

Internship Hours Completed: 300

Completed Projects: The work that I completed during my internship helped me in gaining a lot of information and experience about working in the medical field/doctor’s office. For instance, how to take patients’ vitals is a small but important step that I have learned that will go a long way in my future career. In addition, I learned not only how to use the IMS system, but also what information to put into the system for each patient. This gave me more knowledge of the importance of patient complaints and other information. Lastly, and the most important of all, was the experience in simply working/speaking directly with the patients.

About Hayley Dreyer

This experience has been very beneficial for me and my future career. This was my first internship, meaning my first ever experience working in a real medical environment. My mentors were very encouraging and that made me look forward to learning and participating every day. I graduated from West Islip High School, and now I am currently an undergraduate student at Binghamton University majoring in biology. I am hoping to one day attend PA school to become a physician’s assistant. This opportunity opened my mind to different specialties that I haven’t seen before, and that I might continue to pursue.