Intern Publications & Articles

Intern Publications and Articles

Social vs. Private Healthcare by Kelly Madden Summer – 2012

Green Tea on Weight Loss by Kelly Madden Summer – 2012

Middle Aged exercises by Danielle Guilfoil Winter 2011 – Summer 2011

Physiological Adjustments to Exercise by Danielle Guilfoil 2011

Fluoride, when complexed with Aluminum, mimics the y-phosphate of GTP falsely activating the immune cascade and stimulating the release of inflammatory moleucles by Gretchen Galvin 2010.

C. Elegans Germline – HIM-17 and ALX-1. by Gretchen Galvin, *Dr. Eleanor Maine 2008

Cholera Toxin and G-Proteins. by Navnidhi Kaur 2010

Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy. by Navnidhi Kaur 2010. by Kelsey Fisher 2018

Hypertension Retinopathy by Luna Thapa 2019.

Venous Doppler by Pamela Morel 2019.

Lower Aterial Doppler by Ilissa Pipia 2019.

Pulmonary Function Tests by Kaitlyn Virgona 2019.

Heart Attack Risks, Prevention, Treatment by Nita Wong, Christina Bilotti, Sabrina Amezquita 2019.